Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mississippi Exits

Briefly: if you are a black Mississippian, you voted Obama, if white, Hillary. Obama won 91% of blacks, Hillary 74% of whites. That's unsettling.

But here's an interesting stat. Republicans made up 11% of the vote, and Hillary won 85% of them. Limbaugh? Maybe so: Independents split roughly evenly.

Another interesting stat. CNN asked voters of both candidates whether they had a positive or negative opinion of John McCain. Counter-intuitively, Obama voters were more unfavorable (71%) than Clinton voters (29%)--but maybe that's just because Obama voters are Southern blacks who strongly mistrust the GOP.

Further fraying is evidenced in this finding. 74% of Clinton voters find Obama untrustworthy, and 92% of Clinton voters find Obama untrustworthy. The kitchen sink strategy has born toxic results!

Weirdly, only 58% of Clinton voters would be "satisfied" if she won the nomination. (Danger!) 84% of Obama's voters would be satisfied if he won.

No results in, everyone's calling it for Obama.

Full exits here and here.


Chuck Butcher said...

Why are you surprised Clinton supporters have higher approvals of McSame? What game has she been playing? There isn't spit difference in policy between the two Dems, it's all mind set and philosophy and who is closest to McSame in that regard?

Judas priest why am I having to explain voter trends to an Obama guy? That would only surprise somebody if they saw substantive policy differences.

Jeff Alworth said...

"Counterintuitive" was probably a bad word to use, but I was pointing out an argument that I've heard from Camp Clinton lately--that they will actually lose fewer voters to McCain.