Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pennsylvania Debate

In brief: one of the greatest travesties of political journalism I've ever witnessed. Says Republican water-carrier Jonah Goldberg:
I'm no leftwing blogger, but I can only imagine how furious they must be with the debate so far. Nothing on any issues. Just a lot of box-checking on how the candidates will respond to various Republican talking points come the fall. Now I think a lot of those Republican talking points are valid and legitimate. But if I were a "fighting Dem" who thinks all of these topics are despicable distractions from the "real issues," I would find this debate to be nothing but Republican water-carrying.
More from the Corner:
And the winner is... [Mark Hemingway]

...McCain by a landslide!
The Corner is interesting reading, actually. Everyone there clearly fears him ("Mr. Cool actually looks angry and flustered. "), and it reads like a Hillary blog. They know this guy is super bad news--ironic given Hillary's constant theme throughout the first 45 minutes was that he can't survive the attacks. Obviously it's she who has the biggest targets--witness the near unanimity on the right in support for her.

Liveblogging all over if you care for that kind of thing: Sullivan, Ambinder, Josh, Smith


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