Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How Blogs Die

This is creepily familiar:
There are two general signs that a blog is heading toward extinction. The first is a declining frequency of posting, and the second is a proportional rise in the number of posts about the blog itself. These two don’t always go hand-in-hand; sometimes it’s just one or the other, sometimes you don’t get either warning sign. But when either of the two is spotted it’s reasonable to begin wondering how long that curious internet publication will continue to be updated.
Hog terminal? We should all be so lucky. Nah, I'm just busy.


Chuck Butcher said...

"Chuck for..." has been fairly flat on links this week and generally isn't linked a lot. Readership seems dependent on number of posts per week and somewhat on "comments" made to other blogs.

Oddly enough getting headline appearances on Reuters, Chi SunTimes, USA Today, &etc doesn't seem to do much to traffic. This last week 1 article headlined 7K times on Reuters, 5 readers/no click throughs. Since I subscribed to Blogburst about 9 months ago the headline totals are about 334K and no regular reader has made a point that they came in from there.

No particular point to this ramble.

Canmore Cat House said...

Glad to hear it Jeff. I look forward to reading you every chance I get. Hope you keep it going.