Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tale of Two Speeches

The thing that really leaped out from Hillary's speech was not the non-concession or the rallying of the troops, but rather how shockingly narcissistic it was. The whole thing, even when she was ostensibly about her voters or the issues, was always about her. I was surprised to go to the transcript and find it did not read:
"Me me me me me me me me me."


"Me me me me me me me me me me me."
However, I did do a little math, and here's some more illuminating facts.
Obama's Speech | transcript
2,436: Length in words
11%: Devoted to Clinton
19: Number of times he used the word "I"
128: Number of words for every use of the word "I"

Clinton's Speech | transcript
2,257: Length in words
5%: Devoted to Obama
48: Number of times she used the word "I"
47: Number of words for every use of the word "I"
A word to the Obama campaign; pick her as veep and it will be all about her. Same as it ever was.


Paul C. said...

What a freakin' prima donna.

And her supporters - ya know, the ones throwing a hissyfit and are gonna vote for McCain - are proving every female stereotype true:

Spitefulness, Irrationality, Hysteria.

Chuck Butcher said...

I'm finding very nearly as many men as women talking McCain v Obama on the Hilloon sites.

I've made a number of posts describing cult of personality or my term messianic thinking.