Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Deep Thoughts

Back when Senators were hot to trot on that execrable bankruptcy bill, how many times did they lecture the poor and indigent about personal responsibility? Just a thought.

  1. If the Congress passes the bailout of all bailouts and allows the golden parachute clause, Dems will forfeit their advantage within the next two election cycles. I will be among those who wash my hands of them. This is a moment of truth.
  2. If a man shows up on your doorstep and says you must buy a bridge or millions will die, do you trust him?
  3. If the man tells you there's no time to read over the details of the deal--you must sign now!--do you still trust him?
  4. If the man tells you that he will oversee the deal and that you won't actually be managing it at all, do you still trust him?
Isn't that the situation Paulson describes?

Congress was offered the opportunity to buy a pretty new war under these circumstances. Remind me again--how'd that turn out?


Anonymous said...

McCain down by 9 points. Nobody's voted on anything yet and the Dems are already ahead. The Republican Brand stinks!

fred said...

And, of course, the plan doesn't do anything to either eliminate the debt-based economy, nor does it remove the problems with the CDS exchanges that got us here--

But hey, at least it *might* "improve confidence."

Because all those poor multi-millionaires were suffering from self-esteem issues.

Oh, BTW, I'm always so proud when I hear you on the radio!

Jeff Alworth said...

Fred! I thought you were living on a beach in Mexico. Nice to (sort of) see you back.

(The less said about my media appearances the better.)