Thursday, September 25, 2008

Important Announcement

I regret to inform my reader that I will be suspending my blogging until the Packers win their next game. With the loss to the Dallas Cowboys Sunday, the nation has been brought to the brink of disaster. We must meet in sports bars as Americans, not Bears or Patriots fans, and we must drink strong ale until this crisis is resolved.

Some version of that joke is being told thousands of times across the country today in thousands of variations. It's always bad when your grand gesture instantly becomes the butt of a thousand jokes.

Anyway, some random further thoughts and items...

On pulling his ads. Various bloggers around the 'sphere are noting everytime someone sees an ad somewhere in the country. McCain says it takes a while to get them off, and the bloggers chuckle and keep on noting the airings. I actually believe him. I think it does take a while to get them off, and I think this was actually part of the plan. McCain only had $84 million to spend, thanks to opting in to the federal financing system. By pulling ads for a few days now, he stretches his dollar. I'm sure the thinking was that the grand gesture of suspension would more than compensate for lost air time, and he'd bank the money for a November push. Plus, the RNC and 527s can still run ads, right?

They like Joe. Alaskans, I mean. Forth-three percent say Biden has the background and experience to be president; only 37% think their governor does.

Fallows hammers John. "The candidate whose first response to the financial crisis was to propose firing the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission, and whose second response was to run ads linking his opponent (hazily) to former Fannie Mae officials (before news came out that his own campaign manager was still on the Freddie Mac payroll), now wants us to believe that statesmanship and love of country govern his every move on this issue?" That's just one of five acid critiques he offers on the suspension.

More Palin. It's only a minute and a half long, but I bet you can't make it to the end. Wow.

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You can't follow something like that. Exeunt.

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nurse trub said...

It's like watching a less-condescending George W. Bush.