Thursday, September 18, 2008

Quacks Like a Bush

I have restrained myself from slagging Sarah Palin too much, but this is irresistable. Riddle me this, reader (and I mean all one of you)--what the hell is she talking about? She's discussing her "plan" for fixing the economy:
“Through reform, absolutely. Look at the oversight that has been lack, I believe, here at the 1930s type of regulatory regime overseeing some of these corporations.”
I highlight this quote not because I'm feeling surly and mean, but because this is her strength. She may not have any experience, but she's a good speaker, so sayeth the defenders. By dint of her flinty moose-hunting instincts, she is able to distill an issue to its essence, communicating it like, er, a pit bull. Or something. More:
“Well, you know, first, Fannie and Freddie, different because quasi-government agencies there where government had to step in because of the adverse impacts all across our nation, especially with homeowners. It’s just too impacting, we had to step in there. ”

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nurse trub said...

I hadn't expected the Obama upsurge in the polls so quickly. I guess there are people paying attention to what the candidates are saying. I mean, if you actually listen to whole speeches by the McCain/Palin ticket, it really does sink in that these people are not the best ones to have as the highest representatives of our country.
The whole thing with McCain talking tough about meeting (or not meeting) with the president of Spain just has me shaking my head. I wasn't voting for McCain to begin with, and now I hope a lot of other voters decide to do the same after that bout of ridiculousness. Spain sounds pretty good if the GOP wins.