Friday, September 26, 2008

Strange Doomed Feeling

The last two days have been among the most politically remarkable I can recall in my not-so-short life. McCain and Sarah Palin have cratered more spectacularly than the financial companies this week. (Spectacularly?--well, maybe not. Would you believe entertainingly?)

McCain claimed to suspend his campaign in what quickly became clear was a political stunt, not an effort to bring bipartisan support to a $700 billion bailout. In fact, the bailout was close to a done deal until McCain arrived and supported minority Republicans in opposition. He said he wouldn't attend tonight's debate unless the bailout was done, helped ensure it wouldn't be, and then announced today that he'd attend the debate anyway. And he never stopped running ads nor attending campaign events.

Sarah Palin's excruciating two-day interview was the most embarrassing spectacle since either "potatoe" or "Who am I?"

The polls are really turning toward Obama, and now we have the first debate. With all the chum in the water, Obama may not have to say much--just get out of the way and let McCain continue to tank. So why does all this incredibly bad McCain news make me feel strangely doomed about tonight?


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