Sunday, October 26, 2008

Isn't it Beautiful?

I am about to go to bed. I was just watching the last of "Mad Men" Season One on my computer and of course, rather than immediately turning the damn thing off, I started surfing. Because, you know, quite a lot might have happened this Sunday evening since the last time I checked, at 7:30.

Well, nothing has (why have those damned East Coast bloggers given up their post at the early hour of 1 am?), so I decided to check out National Review's Corner (background here). They are the hard-core center of the Republican lollypop, loyal to the last lick. For sheer entertainment, it's difficult to do better these days than a saunter through their rantings. The Corner's quandry is that the members are trapped in a wicked logical tangle. At the end of their battles with this logic, they lie there, like practitioners of jujitsu who have knotted their limbs, even as their foes watch on in fascination. The problem starts here: Republicans are infallible. American voters are infallible. Democrats are all-encompassing evil--and worse, they're pretentiously evil. Therefore, American voters will ....

The only real way to carry on is to carry on, damn reality. I don't know that they'll be able to admit Obama has won until 2011, when the next election is imminent, by which time the recess of history will fail to register as relevant. Meanwhile, they create edifices of solipsism, hoping that if they talk only among themselves, they'll last that long. Example:

Did You See This One? [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

IBD/TIPP Poll - Posted 26 Oct 08-(Obama 44.59%, McCain 43.66%)

I repeat: This presidential election is not over.

Nor are the Senate races over. And I might point out: We're going to want as many Republicans in the Senate as possible whomever is president. We're going to need every member potentially swayed by conservatism we can get ... There will be fights with the White House in either administration! We'll have more of a fighting chance with, say 43 or 44 Republicans and a Palin veep.

Update/Correction:Mea Culpa: An e-mail:

K-Lo: Careful with that IBD number you posted. IBD's tracking poll for today isn't out yet. My understanding is that someone re-weighted yesterday's IBD number with 2004 turnout percentages. That may be valid and may even be a better predictor than most of the other polls we're seeing but I don't believe it's accurate to suggest those are the actual IBD numbers.
My sloppy Blackberry-posting aside, it still isn't over.
Relying on a single poll where McCain is within a point is itself an act of enormous energy, like admiring the American flag on the Titantic as it slips into the ocean. But then it turns out that's not even true; the poll is a fiction. The flag was actually a piece of debris flying off the deck as fleeing passengers dive into the icy ocean. Oh well, never mind, isn't it still beautiful?

Now to bed. As soon as I see if Josh has anything new up...

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