Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Voting Activity

Scenes on the ground in Oregon. Taken at noon. First one is from PSU:

Next one is the voting "line" in Oregon--auto drop offs.

Humming smoothly along...

But wait, a voting irregularity! Nope, just a stuck flap. After 31 seconds, the technical glitch was resolved.

Finally, a weird long line that mystified me. What are these people waiting in line to do?


movie fan said...

it's awesome that there has been this "problem" of long lines all over... people taking a greater interest in public issues is always a good thing

Canmore Cat House said...

Did you take these photos? They are quite good.

Congratulations, Jeff.

You have played a big part in my view of this election. Thank you for all you did to communicate the issues and the emotions around events of the past year.

Thank you to Barack Obama. We have a lot to overcome, but tomorrow looks much brighter after tonight! You were the inspiration. Now we know that yes we can.

Pam said...

There was still a long line at the elections office last night at 6:30. It was huge! My coworker tried to go at lunch but the line was too long. He had left his ballot at home and was hoping to vote in person. I think all those people didn't have their ballots for some reason.

Jeff Alworth said...

CCH--I did take those photos. It's all the camera; it really takes good pics. I just point and, err, shoot.