Tuesday, November 29, 2005

[Around the Blogosphere]

New Feature!

Long time readers of this blog--its entire three-month history--will recall that an early feature was the "Daily Brief," wherein I reviewed some of the more interesting blog and MSM news of the day. The problem was not in the "brief," but in the "daily." It started to be every-other-daily, then couple-times-a-weekly and then, as surely as the career of the student who falls too far behind on his homework, it died an embarrassing death. Thing is, I liked directing folks around to cool posts, and I would like to keep it up. So henceforth we will have the periodic "around the blogosphere" posts, with no promises as to frequency.

There is an increasingly common thread in the MSM: blogger bashing. Ah! Be careful of the mote in bloggers' eyes, warns Dwight Meredith, when ye hath a log in your own.

It's been a little while since I've visited the CJR Daily blog. And alas, I see that it's been Huffingtoned. Not actually in a bad way. They're trying to introduce some organizational structure while keeping the immediacy of blogging. Initial reaction: thumbs up.

Related to my earlier post, Kevin Drum has a fascinating breakdown of the political costs of corruption. How has it all affected Americans' approval of various sectors of government? Ah, well, go have a look for yourself.

More: Mick wonders whether the Midwest has gone wrong. How else to explain the bad whether there? Avedon has her own alternative to cat blogging, which she describes here. (Quite funny stuff.) Movie fans might like to read Michael's post on the grossly over-budget, pro-Iraq invasion film Bruce Willis is filming. Can't figure out how to end it--democracy is "too boring." Called? Wait for it ... "Mission Accomplished." And finally to the Left Coaster, where eriposte is doing yeoman's work on another aspect of the run-up to war: doctored intel.


Absent Mindful said...

Thanks for the "new" feature, Jeff. My bullshit alarm went off reading that Bruce Willis post, but it was good for a laugh. Also, as a Skippy fan, I advocate the use of "blogtopia" (a term coined by the pouched-one) over blogosphere. It has a nice elitist ring to it.

Jeff Alworth said...

Skippy may call it what he wishes. Here at Hog HQ, the style guide demands blogosphere. We're traditionalists.

Absent Mindful said...