Monday, April 03, 2006


An Advisory to Hog's Three Readers.

I've sent the interns home, and we're shutting the doors for a week. I may blog a bit in the margins, but it's going to be a little slow. Regular schedule to resume next week.

Interesting bits offered in lieu of actual content:
  • Koufax Awards announced. (Hog not among winners; interns suspect fraud.)
  • Study finds no effect of intercessory prayer (report, Times' article)
  • There's one guy (Keith Olbermann) on cable news who doesn't like the Prez, and Howie Kurtz doesn't like him (goose and gander cliches here).
  • Experts lean toward Bruins; Vegas likes the Gators. (Maybe we should make the experts put money on it and see if they still like UCLA.)
  • Andy Sullivan has my back on immigration--it's bad news for the GOP. Pith:
    Every time a Republican congressman stands up to inveigh against illegals the Hispanic vote veers to the Democrats. Every time a Republican senator speaks in favour of guest-workers and inclusion, a white male Southerner decides not to bother voting this November.
  • I had a request last week for links to track the '06 races. Here you go: Dem Underground, National Journal, Sabato, WaPo.
All right then.

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Anonymous said...

I am living proof for intercessory prayer. Some things can't be measured by our tawdry measures. I suggest treading lightly on this one...