Monday, April 03, 2006


Dobbs: No Irish Flags.

I missed this last week, but I'll offer it as one more shard of content on my way out the door.
Janet Murguia, National Council of La Raza: We just had St. Patrick's Day; are you saying that the Irish, because they're holding up their Irish flags--that all of a sudden they're not loyal or they're unamerican?

Lou Dobbs: You ready to listen to me loud and clear? I don't think that we should have any flag-flying in this country except the flag of the United States ... I don't think there should be a St. Patrick's Day. I don't care who you are.
Bet he loves Cinco de Mayo.


Absent Mindful said...

Jon Stewart had a great follow-up to that item, where he called Lou Dobbs in Cancun, Mexico, and grilled him on the "parade-based economy" of New York City that he was dissing.

Christopher Walker said...

OMG, all these chicken-clucking wingnuts are complaining about the domino effect of the "War on Christmas" spreading to a "War on Easter," but now here's Lou Dobbs of all people starting a "War on St Paddy's Day."

Wake me when they start the war on Valentine's Day. I never did like that one.

btw, if somebody shows Lou Dobbs the pictures that have come out of old files showing both George W. Bush and Governor Jeb Bush waving the Mexican flag (on different occasions), will he endorse the impeachment movement?

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