Friday, May 26, 2006


Gone Fishin'

So I had planned on doing a few more thought experiments this week, but it looks like it ain't gonna happen. (Feel free to conduct your own.) I was especially interested in playing through the effects of global warming, which is something I do fearfully on my own, anyway, but that will have to wait for another time. I'm headed out of town and won't be back until Monday late-ish.

I'll leave you with a little wisdom from Dave Lowry.
So just be glad you live in America
Just relax and be yourself
Cuz if you didn't live here in America
You'd probably live somewhere else
Ta ta!

1 comment:

Codjr said...

But Jeff...
-Your back, and now I will prove to be more active on this blog then Joe ever has and this is my first time here, I will come on every day this week and that my forrest fire friend, will be more then Joe has ever thought of the so-cald "Hog"

-Jordan B