Friday, May 26, 2006

[Tracking Numbers]

What The Media's Covering.

A month ago, I started checking Google News for various words and word combinations to see what was getting coverage in the press. This has very little to do with objective reality, but is a fascinating (to me, anyway) index of what's hot and what's not. I'll continue to update this over the coming months as we come in on the election. (For example, I'm tracking potential presidential candidates and their press to see who may be heating up, but it's far too early for it to mean anything.) Here's a first run.
________________________ 4/21_________5/25
Bush + lying
____________4,330 _______4,340
Bush + illegal
"Gas Prices"
Republican + corruption
Democrat + corruption
"health care"
And just because it caught my eye, a bonus. When I combined "Bush" and "impeach" I got exactly 911 results (down from 1,200 a month ago). Eerie, yes?


KevinHayden said...

Despite monthly changes, it's clear Iraq keeps the country in a state of tension, followed by gas prices and health care, then taxes and the illegal Bush.

If that's what the media plans to write most about, it sounds like the minimalist platform a Dem should run on is to alleviate those five woes.

eRobin said...

When the number hits 666, buy!