Thursday, May 18, 2006


Slow Morning.

I'm in super-slo-mo this morning, but I can't resist quoting from this AP story about the Oregon Governor's race:

But even within their traditional constituencies, both candidates have some fences to mend. By noon on Wednesday, Kulongoski said he had already been on the phone to some of the groups that supported his closest primary challenger, former State Treasurer Jim Hill, including the major union representing state employees, the SEIU.

The union's president, Joe DiNicola, was noncommittal Wednesday, saying members had made "no decision yet as to which, if any, candidate we would endorse."

But Jeff Alworth, co-founder of the progressive blog said he suspects that traditionally Democratic groups will fall into line behind the governor, despite their well-documented frustration with some of the actions Kulongoski has championed, like reforms to the Public Employees Retirement System.

And this may be good, too, because on a wrap-up of the election I did on BlueOregon yesterday, union guys were taking me to the woodshed for calling labor a "loser" in the election.


iggi said...

ahh, good man.

zemeckis said...

woohoo- gettin some ink.. er pixels!