Tuesday, June 06, 2006

[Mark of the Beast]

Ann Coulter on Today.

When you haul the ideological nuts out of their echo chambers, they look like earthworms, wriggling slowly as death looms imminently. Ann, doing her wormy twitch on the Today Show this morning:
LAUER: The President's approval ratings are now in the low thirties--what's the main reason for that in your opinion?
Deleted banter wherein Coulter tries to plug her book. Then:
LAUER: No really, what's the main reason for it in your opinion?

COULTER: Ummmmm. (Long pause.) I don't know. I, I, I mean, I think his stand on immigration probably isn't helpful.
Full clip here. Later, when Lauer started questioning her about quotes in her new book, she slipped back into her sorority-girl Foxese, nattering on as if the only audience watching were fat white men. She is always an obscene presence, but this was an otherworldly obscenity, completely unmoored from the reality of the Today Show.


iggi said...

she's disgusting...plus she gives transvestites a bad name.

eRobin said...

"unmoored from the Today Show's reality"

That made me stop and think. Most people wouldn't want Ann Coulter around any time of the day, but I think that in your home during breakfast would have to be the worst.

I love the way the immigration issue has so far crashed and burned for the GOP. On Monday we were back to 2004 with the gay hate. Next we'll be hearing about how we need to privatize Social Security or re-invade Iraq. (this time Turkey will help!) They got nothin'.