Tuesday, June 06, 2006


California Election - Stockton City Council

The California primaries ended about an hour ago, and the early results are in. While most people will be focused on the governor's race (Angelides holds a slight lead over Westly with 21% of precincts reporting), my interest lies in the fifth district of the Stockton City Council. A good friend of mine, Susan Eggman, is running in her first election there. And at the moment (20% of precincts reporting), she's got an early lead--41% to 37% for her closest rival. I didn't ask, but I think she was planning (hoping?) for a run-off, but maybe she'll race to an outright win!

The race is portentious for another reason: the Alworth Curse. So far, every candidate to whom I have given money has lost (Kucinich, Dean, Jesse Cornett). Can Susan break the curse? Of course she can--that's how good a candidate she is!

Results as they become available....

[Update, Wednesday morning. With all precincts reporting, Susan was the leading candidate with 43% of the votes. Her closest challenger, Beverly Foster, had 33% of the vote. The curse is dead! Congratulations to Susan!]

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susan said...

I am SOOOOO plased I could help out with the Curse Breaking!