Thursday, June 22, 2006

[World Cup]

US Falls to Ghana

So despite their first games futility, the US still had a shot to advance in the world cup. The number five team needed Italy to beat the Czech Republic (which would be a minor upset). Then they had to do their part and beat the 48th ranked Africans. Well, they got their win from Italy, but were impressively outplayed by Ghana. It's very cool for the Ghanians (is that what residents of Ghana are called?), who were in their first World Cup and will now advance.

There are a few other cool teams to pull for: Mexico (ranked 4th in the world, advanced), Portugal (ranked 7th, advanced), Ecuador (ranked 39th, advanced), Australia (ranked 42nd, one more first round game), Korea (ranked 29th, one more first round game), Ukraine (ranked 45th, one more first round game). And you can't avoid watching the Brazilians play the beautiful game (they're #1, and have advanced).

Ah, love me the Cup.

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