Thursday, September 14, 2006

[Rebel Alliance]

GOP Senators Flip King George the Bird.

This is rather shocking: four Republican Senators roused themselves from their torpor and, like vassals finally asked to kill too many cows, smote their fuedal lord:
A Senate committee, in a bipartisan rebuff to President George W. Bush, approved military tribunal legislation that would give more legal protection to suspected terrorists than the administration wants.

Four of the 13 Republicans on the panel joined the 11 Democrats to pass their version of the measure, rejecting Bush's proposal to bar defendants from seeing classified evidence prosecutors may want to use in court. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell endorsed the Senate approach, warning that the Bush administration is risking the safety of U.S. troops and worldwide opinion by permitting harsh treatment of detainees.
In an even greater affront, the rebuke followed an extremely rare monarchal presidential visit to the Capitol. Oh the indignity! Forced to bow and scrape in front of the peasants -- and do they have the decency to line your route with their grubby little coats? No! They pretend as if you do not make the run rise and fall at your whim. Surely the end times must be near.

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