Friday, January 12, 2007

Votes in the 110th Congress

It's a little early to be reading tea leaves on the nature of the 110th Congress, but I found something interesting: of the four pieces of legislation the House has voted on, every one has been bipartisan, and three of the four substantially so.

HR 1____299-128______68 (all GOP)
HR 2____315-116______82 (all GOP)
HR 3____253-174______53 (mixed)
HR 35___239-188____ __8 (all GOP)

This is exactly the way to get things done: go for the low-hanging fruit and use your thin mandate to pass things that, while not controversial, have been blocked by a radical, right-wing Congress for six years.

Keep it up, and we may win the Presidency.

*HR 1 was a terrorism-provision bill, HR 2 increased the minimum wage, HR 3 authorized stem cell research, and HR 35 enhanced intelligence oversight authority.

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