Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Random Election Item #2

Rudy is really in freefall. As recently as last Tuesday, I thought a Huckabee win in Iowa would give Rudy enough of a boost to keep his "Florida first" scheme afloat. Or maybe not:
A new Strategic Vision (R) statewide survey of likely primary voters in Florida (conducted 12/14 through 12/16) finds [that among] likely Republican primary voters, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani runs slightly ahead of former Gov. Mike Huckabee (25% to 21%) in a statewide primary.

Two new SurveyUSA automated survesy of likely voters in Florida finds [that among] Among 431 likely Republican voters in Florida asked to choose between five candidates, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani narrowly leads former Gov. Mike Huckabee (29% to 24%) in a statewide primary.
It becomes difficulter and difficulter to imagine a victory scenario for the Rudester.

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cwilcox said...

He peaked the day he announced. The man has no message beyond tired 911 rhetoric. He is running a radio ad in Iowa comparing himself to Ronald Reagan, claiming that Reagan was in office for one hour leading to Iran pissing their pants and freeing our hostages. His revisionist history makes no reference to Warran Christophers months of negotiations, Jimmy Carters economic sanctions or the fact that we got every single one of those hostages home...ALIVE!
Rudy sucks...and Reagan loyalists should be enraged! I bet Ron never asked taxpayers to bankroll his bedroll!