Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Edwards Out, Rudy too

Interesting. Maybe the talk of being relegated to "kingmaker" role bothered the populist.
NEW ORLEANS — John Edwards, the progressive Democratic candidate who made his populist, anti-poverty message a centerpiece of his campaign, has decided to drop out of the presidential primary race, and is to give a speech this afternoon at the same place where he began his campaign — in New Orleans.
He is apparently not going to endorse anyone, which is probably fine. Endorsing Obama wouldn't particularly boost him among the white men he could use, I expect. (Might help Hillary if he endorsed her--and it would be a huge shocker to boot.)

The biggie is Richardson, who will either make an endorsement later this week or blow it off completely. That would be a huge boon to Obama--he needs some cred in the Latino community.

Also, adieu to Rudy, whose campaign was spectacular in its anemia. Looks like we're going to get McCain, whom no Dem wanted, but whom I think we can pretty handily beat (more on that later, probably lots more). (Also interesting: the likelihood that the next president will be a senator approaches 100%.) Fun times...

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Chuck Butcher said...

I suppose you figured we'd wind up in the same camp. I'm not ecstatic about it, but at least there isn't active dislike going on. I doubt any kind fan-dom is in the offing, but I wasn't there with Edwards either.