Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Aftermath: Mass Confusion

Well, here I am down in Arizona to visit my Mom, assuming that when I arrive, all will be revealed as to the delegate totals. This whole process has been a big education, hasn't it? No one knows what the results are, except that it's too close to call and that the Democrats' system looks to have been half cobbled-together by two drunks on a bender.

Here are how different news outlets are calling it, first, those that omit superdelegates:
O: 840-849 from last night, 903-912 total
C: 829-839, 877-885

CNN (current actuals from last night)
O: 625
C: 624
And those including superdelegates:

ABC - Hillary leads, 1,038-940.

CBS - Hillary leads 1,044 to 966.

WaPo - Hillary leads 1,000 to 902.

Associated Press - Hillary leads 845-765

Obama's looking great, in other words. At some point, when the actuals come in, I'll compare it to my poll-based predictions (I wasn't nearly as far off as I expected). Whew. We live to fight another day.

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