Friday, February 08, 2008

Money Race

No time for real blogging, but this info about the money race is pretty fascinating. Apparently Obama's raised $7 million since Tuesday, and Hillary $4. If Obama is still raising it among the rabble like me at $50 a pop, we're seeing the emergence of a new kind of politics--where the people are eating the lobbyist-fed corporatist candidates with a million tiny bites. Obama's pushing Hillary around in the money race, but he's less beholden to special interests. Obama fans should be promoting this. As I am.


chris Wilcox said...

WOOHOO! As is your Red Hog Buddy! I've revisited that $50 button on the website three times now. And linking the donation page several times in the last few days. I loved how Obama supporters completely wiped out any personal sacrafice Hillary made in contributing $5 million of her own money. "The People" contributed $7 million as soon as the news broke of Hillary's personal contribution.

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