Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday News Dump

In the spirit of comprehensiveness, which is the standard to which we at the Obama Broadcasting Channel hold ourselves (quality--yeah right), your Friday afternoon steaming pile o' Obama news:

SEIU Endorses Obama. That's Andy Stern's outfit, and while endorsements rarely move votes, this union's muscle might:
The S.E.I.U.’s endorsement is especially coveted because the union has 1.9 million members and has a rank-and-file that is far more politically active than most other unions’. Moreover, its political action committee is expected to collect more than $30 million this campaign, making it one of the biggest PACs in the nation....

Mr. Stern estimated that the S.E.I.U. has about 150,000 in the states with primaries over the next two months.
Obama's still getting thumped in the non-college crowd, despite the (apparently misleading) exits from VA and MD.
That could be bad. In 2005, Census data show that 27.7% of adults over 25 had a bachelor's degree. But the four bigger states upcoming all fall below that average: Texas: 25.5%, Ohio 23.0%, Wisconsin 25.0%, Pennsylvania 26.0%. So he maybe needs to fire up the populism.
Oh good, here's some populism: Obama also wins the UFCW endorsement. Obscure, but Yglesias says it could help in Ohio.
They're one of the youngest unions around in terms of membership, and have a substantial presence in Ohio.
Finally, Obama now leads the national polls 47.1% to 46%. That's plural, as in aggregate. Behold:
Of course, it didn't help Hillary or Rudy to be leading the national polls, so maybe this is bad news. I don't know anymore.

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Sarah said...

Unions are characteristically liberal and union members are characterisically conservative. But members who are undecided can be heavy swayed by an endosement and unions are great ways of increasing voter turnout.

Today is very important. The momentum must be kept by winning the majority in both Hawaii and Wisconsin.