Friday, February 15, 2008

FISA, Contempt, Torture

I hear there's other news from Washington. Anyone know anything about that? Oh wait, never mind, here's something else about Obama coming over the transom....

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Sarah said...

I realize you are being crass, Jeff but this blog brings up something that I have been sensing in myself for awhile: Obama frenzy. I seem to be losing touch with what is really going on in the world and putting all my attention on this race. I sense that this is dangerous but I am having a hard time breaking away. I find myself engrossed in comment pieces on campaign results and really neglecting the digestion of Washington news. I wonder if the rest of the Obama campaigners feel this way. I imagine Obama himself is finding informing himself more and more difficult with his grueling scedule.
The current administration has made a model of forgetting the issues in favor of populism and media manipulation. Let us not fall into this trap even during the next nine months when our focus is mainly on winning. Let us not lose track of why-or else we will have already lost.