Saturday, February 09, 2008

Hope's Flicker Rekindled

Okay, I'm starting to believe. While it was admittedly two caucuses and a black state, it was also Nebraska, Washington, and Louisiana, three states with almost nothing in common politically. Obama has now won in rural states, urban states, Southern states, Western states, blue, purple, and red states. With another week, he would have won California and New Jersey and probably Massachussets. He's won 18 states to Hillary's 13. And by current estimates, he leads pledged delegates 908 to 877 (CNN's total).

Still holding my breath, still worried about the superdelegates, but also a little more hopeful. (And that speech in Virginia--whoo, good stuff. It's beginning to look like his entire campaign had a plan and a theme. Man sees the big picture, all right....)

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