Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm Pretty Much Done With Hillary

I have really tried to keep an open mind on Hillary. There's been some chance she would become the nominee--and I suppose there still is a remote possibility. And I recognize that in the heat of a campaign, when years--decades?--of dreams are perishing before you, you say stupid things. But you don't smear a man time and time and time again. (Obama, despite very good provocation, has refused to do it at all. But that's another story.) She did it in tonight's debate, and I'm pretty much done with her. I won't necessarily vote McCain, but I think she lost my vote tonight. (I have yet to vote for a Clinton.)

The issue: Tim Russert, whose style has devolved into sandbagging candidates about whisper campaigns, rumors, and inconsistencies, went into a Farrakahn assault on Obama. He kept at it, despite Obama's clear statements, in what can only be interpreted as a smear. And then Hillary lept in to condemn Obama further. It was beyond indecent. The clip is below, and Hillary's idiotic smear kicks in at about the 4:40 mark.

Let's hope Obama kills her in Ohio and Texas and she has the decency to back out. I am discouraged enough now that I doubt she possesses that decency.


Terry said...

Indecent? That's a stretch.

The larger issue, for both candidates, is the shameless pandering to the Israel lobby.

Now that's indecent.

Sarah said...

I wish Hillary was not seen as the female candidate. I am embarassed to share my sex with this woman let alone be represented by her.

As a jew, I am infuriated by this rhetoric. Using the fears of a group of people who have suffered inhumane oppression to try to get elected is beyond shameless. I am sadddened that this kind of politics is common in this country.