Friday, February 15, 2008

The Strange Case of Texas

Forget the polls, what happens in Texas will be a strange admixture of connections, luck, and organization--and that's just to understand what the Texas system is. Burnt Orange Report, the BlueOregon of Texas, has a vast post describing the system, but if you don't know where Laredo is, you may not care. (Something about all the Latino districts being bunched up and Hillary having to have an overwhelming advantage to score the lion's share.) But after wading through all those particulars, we come to this:
Of course, this discussion has only focused on the "primary" portion of Texas' primary/caucus system. Texas' caucuses begin at 7:15 PM after the polls close on Election Day, March 4th. Texas caucuses are an entirely separate election process for determining an entirely separate portion of national delegates. A candidate could win the primary but lose the caucuses to a better organized opponent.

Senator Obama could come close to Senator Clinton in the "primary" portion and dominate the "caucus" portion --- the only catch is that those 67 votes that come from the "caucus" system won't be known until June and the Texas Democratic Party Convention.
Wha?!?? Man, I am so tired of Texas politics.

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