Friday, February 22, 2008

¡ Viva Obama !



Anonymous said...

On a lighter note, there's a wonderful new Obama meme at Very funny!

Cap'n Cyber said...

This definitely brings a smile. I've never seen a campaign ad before with a woman holding someones sign in front of her spinning wash in a laundromat. This is where some of Obama's greatest potential arises now-- People are imbuing him with tremendous faith and goodwill, and not only the wealthy. This comes at a time when we are all deeply betrayed by the establishment, and could otherwise understandably sink into cynicism indefinitely. I pray that he makes the most of this historic opportunity.

Chuck Butcher said...

A construction site picture with Mexican music is probably not a real winner with me, in fact my first reaction is to be about completely pissed off. Racism? Nope, judging a minority by the majoritiy isn't racism, and legal hire is not a majority. It is narrow minded, and I'd be ashamed of myself if it weren't for the assholes that think it's just fine that it is true and should be aided to have the minority of Hispanics to be legal hires.

I know I'm beating a dead horse, but it is still real damn irritating to have so-called liberals tell my workers to just go drop dead.

Jeff Alworth said...

Chuck, I gotta say that's pretty uncool. This is an ad directed at US citizens (who, obviously are the only ones who can vote in US primaries). There are scenes of American citizens throughout that spot--and you're right, some of them are on a construction site? Are you saying US workers who are of Mexican descent shouldn't be on construction crews? Let's not conflate race and immigration.

If you can't handle a picture of a construction site with Mexican music, how do you feel about one with Irish jigs, Italian opera, or Chinese music? Because, Chuck, most Americans' ancestors came from somewhere else--including yours. But we're all Americans.

Rubi said...

I am a U.S. born American Citizen with roots in Mexico. It angers me when people think that all of us who work in these places must, somehow, be undocumented. Just because I speak Spanish and love a good Mariachi band. . just because I have family and friends who work in these places, doesn't mean that I, that we, are "illegal."

I find this video to be creative genius for many reasons. The fact that it was not a commissioned work, but a grassroots initiative is well worth noting. Money can't buy what this video is gaining for the Obama campaign.

I said in my own blog, a religion blog, that "if the Democratic party were smart, they would hire this media company to create an add for their party’s candidate, who ever that may be in the end. If they Republicans were smart, they would beat the Dems to it."

I am a legal U.S. Citizen.
I am registered to vote.
I am Latina.
I am not invisible.
And, the fact of the matter is, I am not optional.
. . .and there are many more out there just like me.

. . Oh, and an Irish Jig or or Opertic Youtube video would suite me just fine, personally. For the fact is, besides being all of the above, I am also a musician. And that's probably another reason I find "Viva Obama" so dog gone creative.