Monday, February 25, 2008

The Year in Clips

My movie week now stretches out luxuriously into a fortnight. And in this particular post, it stretches out into new technology. Actual clips, which weren't available when I started this in 2003 (though due to copyright, many still aren't available). A sampling of those that are, and which I enjoyed.

There Will Be Blood
The scene where Daniel Plainview admits that he has "a competition in me." (1:12)

No Country For Old Men
The iconic scene in which Anton Chiguhr challenges a gas station owner to "call it." (3:39)

Michael Clayton
Tilda Swinton makes a decision about "the other option." (1:12)

The only clip I could find of Juno--the final scene in which Juno and Paulie play a song on guitar in front of Paulie's house, once again, teens unburdoned. (1:59)

The Lives of Others
The Stasi in action. (2:30)

A long clip, but a charming one. Glen Hansard and Marketa Iglova play the song that won them an Oscar last night. (6:12)

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