Sunday, March 09, 2008

More Numbers on Clinton/Obama

Just a late-night numbers count, spurred by some of the thinking out there in the internets following Obama's fine win in Wyoming. There are 4049 total delegates, 795 of which are supers. That leaves 3254 pledged delegates. To get a majority of pledged delegates, a candidate would need 1628. Obama currently has around 1380, Clinton 1230. That means Obama's 248 from a majority of pledged delegates, while Clinton is 398 away.

Put that way, things look brighter for Team Obama.


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Chuck Butcher said...

It is important to note that of the Super Delegates there is a State Party Delegation, DPO is Chair, opposing sex Vice Chair, DNC Committeeman and woman and at large DNC Committee Person. All positions elected by State Central Committee members.