Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pennsylvania Exits

Well, they're out. A rough first look makes me think Hillary's in good shape. She won the demographics with the larger numbers, such as:
  • Clinton won women (58% of the sample) 55%-44%.
  • She won oldsters 59%-41%, and they made up 38% of the sample. (Obama won the youngers, who comprised 37% of the sample, but by a slightly smaller margin.)
Other random tidbits:
  • Once again, Hillary won the donut hole of 25-29 year olds (just weird)
  • Ten percent of voters felt neither candidate was trustworthy. They overwhelmingly voted Clinton (77-22%).
  • Obama only barely won independents (though it's unclear what that means in a closed primary) by 50%-49%
  • Twenty percent of voters said race was important to them; 59% voted Clinton.
  • Obama won the protestants (55-45%, 41% of the total), but Hillary killed among Catholics (69-31%, 36% of the total). However, among the irreligious 10%, Obama won big (66-34%).
  • Of the 17% who decided in the past three days whom to vote for, 60% voted Clinton. (Apparently the undecideds did break to Clinton.)
  • The unions backed Obama, but union-members backed Hillary (58-42%).
Still no numbers...

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