Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oregon Deflates the "Whites" Meme

There's something wrong with West Virginia and Kentucky. Dunno what, but here's how true and good-hearted whites (even those "downscale" whites) vote:

Obama - 20 counties.
Clinton - 13 counties
(2 with no results)

Whites - Obama 57%
White Dems - Obama 54%
White women - Obama 50%
Earn less than $50k - Obama 53%
Catholics - Obama 51%

Total: Obama 58%, Clinton 42% (76% reporting)

In Oregon, the traditional Dem wins some (but generally not all) of eight counties--Multnomah, Washington, Hood River, Columbia, Clatsop, Lincoln, Lane, and Benton. Obama won Multnomah (2004 Kerry vote: 72%) and Grant (percent white--97, 2004 Kerry vote: 19%). This guy has serious crossover potential.

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Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

This is the sort of discussion we should be having.

I find this having to be afraid of Obama because he's black so very tiresome.

Some time ago I made a vow with myself to no longer be afraid of what I was told to be afraid of and to take every person on their merits.

Since I'm a white Oregonian, has it been hard? You bet it has.

But when I look at and listen to Obama I hear his very remarkably positive message, and I think ... yeah, that's the guy.

And that's pretty much it. Right there. I'm not voting against Hillary because she's female ... it's because I don't like where she stands on a great many issues.

When I vote for Obama, it's because he does have the right positions on more issues I care about than wrong ones (nobody's perfect, after all)

And that's it.